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If you are part of a successful


and your company is scaling up, you probably feel your team is about to get out of control and that you and your team are not performing at top speed

Want to boost your teams productivity?

You probably never heard the truth about how successful companies REALLY enhance their teams to overperform 

No matter if you are a scaling startup with a fast growing team...
...or a consolidated company working on an ever growing competitive market
You probably
have a team of great people,
with just one little problem

They are unable to reach their full potential

The reasons?

The team just scaled and
now it's become nearly impossible to manage them as easily.
People are reluctant to change, specially if they have been working the same way for decades.
You hired young and
enthusiastic employees who  lack
a good methodology

Imagine if your team was able to achieve sustained full productivity and completely change the way your company performs?

In just

a few weeks


little resistance


The problem is that we have been bombarded with false information on how to improve team productivity and now we are doing everything completely wrong 

If anyone has ever told you...
...that you need any of these in order to be successful


Social Media Marketing

Can you even be successful without SEO or if you are not an influencer?
Or Scrum, or any other methodology that will just solve ALL problems?


Venture Capital or Buying Startups

Startup X is the solution and we can buy them for $ so they become a company

A really nice office

You know, with ping pong tables, cool sofas and casual hipster dress code

Beers & Espressos

Or just about any team building methodology based on getting drunk together

Think about...

Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook Team
The Wright Brothers, when they invented the airplane
The 3 co-founders of AirBnB
Or the British Cycling Team, that won the Olympics

... did they follow agile, based their success on social media marketing or went to a VC to get funding for a nice office with beer and coffee?

I am sorry if this disappoint you, but the answer is...
Agile was not invented, most of them had no funding but their own, and none had nice offices when they started...
....but somehow they all made it to the top

So what do they have in common that made them different?





Using Silicon Valley and Fortune 500 best practices, we have designed a way to help your team reach unprecedented levels of productivity and motivation

If you want to read about these techniques, check out our blog posts... 

Our methodology





Let us help you minimize your Time to Value*

* Imagine if you could go to the doctor and get cured by taking just one pill instead of going through the usual process.

administration > consultation > diagnosis > treatment

Wouldn't that be amazing?

Your company will not be the same after us, that is the Kooxda compromise


With Kooxda we have greatly improved our team's productivity. Focus and vision are now key in our developments. We now have the tools to measure our progress, find inefficiencies and keep getting better.

Antonio Peral, CTO